Council Meetings
The Parish Council normally meets on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are held in the meeting room at the Village Hall and start at 7.30 pm. Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings, when they are given the opportunity to speak and to ask questions. The views expressed by members of the public are valued and they are taken into consideration when decisions are made. Attendance at Parish Council meetings is the best and the quickest way of finding out what is happening in the village and also why it is happening.

                 Botesdale Parish Councillors

Mr John Abraham............Twinning Association
01379 890 221

Mr Ernie Baxter...........War Memorial Sub-Committee Rep.
01379 898 566           Village Hall Management                                   Committee Representative           
Lt Col Mike Bishop

Mr Brendan Burgess
01379 890 454

Mr David Green ..........Barwoods, Tree Warden
01379 890 740

Mr Eric Hathaway........Vice Chairman
01379 890 254           
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Mr William Sargeant.....Chairman
01379 890 138            SALC Representative, Parish Liason



Parish Clerk:   Mrs Leeann Jackson-Eve
                        Wayside, Cherry Tree Lane

                        Diss, Norfolk
                        IP22 1DL

                        Tel: 01379 890 141

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